A Message from
Albert Da Costa

Business Plans: Review an existing plan to help redefine or develop a new plan to assist in seeking funding or financing.

Evaluation & Needs Assessment: Review current operations in terms of food cost controls, staffing and payroll, menu and accounting and provide both an evaluation and recommendations to improve customer experience and bottom line results.

Requests For Proposal: Develop an RFP, research potential candidates, assist with both review and analysis of proposals, aid in selecting the best candidate and negotiate the terms of the contract most favorable to the client.

Food & Beverage Costs Analysis: Provide a theoretical food cost, analyze current purchasing and receiving cycles, evaluate inventory controls and provide evaluation and improvement methods.

Costs Audits: Review current vendors and purchasing programs and provide negotiation of existing or new contracts.

Facilities Design: Function as the client representative for new construction, remodel, upgrade or expansion with the project team, providing a food service perspective throughout the project.

Communications: A variety of programs to assist in promoting better working relationships and work productivity including focus groups.

Project Management: All phases of a project from project definition to conclusion of post project analysis. Integration of all disciplines to save time and costs.

Concept Development: Assisting a client with all phases from initial brainstorming to operating restaurant.