A Message from
Albert Da Costa

We have added this section because we believe that the restaurant business is headed to one of its most challenging and rewarding times since the rationing during the Second World War

There is now more direct competition for resources than at any previous time in the restaurant industry’s history.

Fuel, energy costs and maximization of these two commodities will be driving the construction of new as well as the reformulation of old concepts.

To be ahead of the curve requires determination, acute observation, relentless focus and an innate ability to adapt.

There will be more movement to fresher products, local distribution, seasonal menus and more healthful choices.

Restaurant customers in Europe have been accustomed to higher prices for food in restaurants for quite some time. The United States will now be learning new ways to make product go farther and still provide quality service and environment.

Our responsibility to you, as a client of our business, is to support your direction by providing options that address the challenges of tomorrow as well as today. We view our involvement in your business as a collaboration to provide you with a quality product and coincident financial reward in the face of continuing turmoil in a global economy.